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Environment Policy

The company recognizes environmental management as one of its corporate responsibilities and establishes policies, programmes and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner.


Walker Services is committed to integrating such policies, programmes and practices and forms an important element of managing all its functions.  Further it will be take all reasonable or practicable steps to ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation.


This policy applies to all Walker Services employees and is also expected to be complied with by all contractors providing services or goods to the company.  Its implementation will add value to Walker Services through the introduction of more sustainable business practices and continual improvement in environmental performance.   Specifically Walker Services will take all measures to:


• Minimize the consumption of energy, fuel, water and raw materials


• Prevent pollution and minimize emissions to air, land and water


• Minimize waste generation and encourage reuse, alternate use and recycling of suitable materials


• Maintain a management system that sets environmental objectives and targets, and controls, audits and reviews performance against those targets


• Maintain effective and timely communication on environmental issues with all our stakeholders


• Consider the implications for people and the environment of all new capital projects


• Promote the purchase of environmentally sound and sustainable raw materials, products and services


• Strive for continual improvement of environmental performance and report progress on an annual basis


• Policy implemented in conjunction with the Walker Services Spill Plan


Walker Services will do all that is reasonably practical to ensure continuous review, measurement and improvement in our environmental performance.  This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by management and H&S employee representatives.